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Monday, December 19, 2011

Slice Cakes & Cheese Tarts for Shurabeharryni Naming Ceremony

 Last week RAR received a call from x-convent classmate....Kalaivane Shanmugam....just imagine....after 20 years....oooooohhhh feel so old la plak....hehehheheee. Anyway Kalai, really appreciate your call and also thanks for the order for your niece naming ceremony. We can't hanging around too long because she was so busy but anyway we promise to get in-touch and arrange some small little chef program for the kids to get to know each other. I'm sure Ain Farisya and Kalai's little angles will be friends in no time after one small meeting....

 Ok...about the naming ceremony....she ordered two types of desserts...slice cakes and cheese tarts....its a simple arrangement where she let me to choose which menu is suitable for the occasion. So in that case, we come out with 3 boxes of slice cakes (blueberry, strawberry and orange flavor) and 100 pieces of cheese tarts (blueberry, strawberry & orange flavor).

I'm so happy to receive sms from Kalai that nite saying they love those slice cakes & cheese tarts and another sms in the morning which make me smile the whole day.... Anyway, I'm glad to serve u and family and most of all....so happy to get in-touch after both of us left school nearly 20 years ago....

Thanks again dear.

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