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Friday, January 6, 2012

Cheese Tart & Slice Cake - TQVM Mummy Bryyan

 Last few weeks RAR received an order from Mummy Bryyan a.k.a Praphai for her special occasion. She requested blueberry slice cake and mixed cheese tart.
Anyway, we manage to meet today after few months RAR left UUM and Praphai still as before, polite and sweet as usual. BTW, the little Bryyan.....wowwww....he looks like 3 years old kid even tho he just turn 1 year plus....as told by granny....Bryyan makan apa saja....heheheheeee....

So, dear Bryyan....aunty hope that u will love the slice cake and also the cheese tarts. Happy eating handsome boy!!!!

Thank you Praphai for the order and will wait for your comment. Bye dear!


  1. bryyan like so muchhh... smpi umah trus ngappp..... as usual... eat everything... nice tart

  2. Tq Praphai....senang nak jaga Bryyan kalau cam ni....macam nenek dia cakap, bryyan tak susah betul bab makan ni, apa nenek makan bryyan makan....